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We believe that interior architecture doesn’t only deal with materials and colours; but also with people, emotions, environments and spaces.
A group photo of the team at Jolie

Jolie studio is a full-service interior design practice.

Founded in 2018, Jolie was born through a shared desire to change the way we consider interior architecture and spaces -  moving away from a traditional, trend-driven aesthetic approach and towards a more fully embodied, human-centred and multi-sensory experience.

We design offices, homes and commercial spaces to lift spirits, enrich lives and enhance performance, and we do this with the senses in mind.

Acting as interior consultants or principal designers, our team collaborate with contractors, architects, suppliers and project managers to deliver from concept to construction.

A portrait photo of Franky Rousell

Franky Rousell

Founder & Creative Director
Commercial, strategic and technical focus architecturally trained
"Jolie was born out of necessity. The businesses I worked with needed their spaces to produce tangible results. So, we incorporate scientific sensory research into our interiors to emotionally drive people in their environment - and I love that we change lives through design"
A portrait photo of Michelle Hill

Michelle Hill

Chief Operations
Creative business strategy, client focus and team management.
"We all share a passion for creating beautiful, inspiring spaces for our clients, efficiently and mindfully. We care about real working relationships, the Jolie team is at the core of everything we do"
A portrait picture of Fern Thompson

Fern Thompson

Interior Designer
Specialist in materiality, colour and "extra"
"It's great that we push the boundaries of design both socially and creatively at Jolie. Our work here has such a strong concept thread, we start with a big idea but go right through to intricate detailing; always working collaboratively"


Architectural Technologist
Technical and detail focussed, with experience in architecture, planning and interior design.
"Beyond the technical and industry experience - the Jolie team inspires creative thoughts, aspirations and most of all spaces. The projects we deliver are a true reflection of the environment we all thrive in"


Interior Designer
Experienced in concept, materiality and technical design.
"It’s amazing to be able to walk into a space that you have designed and be able to call that project your own, but nothing beats a creative collaboration session with your team!"
A portrait of a dog


Wellbeing Officer
Scent, Taste and Sound Expert.


We are always looking for new talent, if you feel like you are the right fit for Jolie, please get in touch with your CV, a personal cover letter and link to your portfolio.

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