The Invisible Aesthetic

Our approach to interior design is to combine materials, colours, fragrances and sounds to imagine each interior and create immersive, multi-sensory experiences.
How is it that we can walk into an environment and without any conscious control or understanding, feel a sense of overwhelming excitement or emotional recollection? How does our experience in certain spaces tap into such clear past memories and finite details - the temperature that day, the scent of the room, the sounds?

Through the power of the senses; we can affect the way a person feels in a space. Our approach is research-driven, executed with a sensitivity to each and every element of material, colour, soundscape, fragrance and even taste. 

In an age of real-world social disconnect where screens demand our attention and fast-moving trends drive the physical world we inhabit, Jolie focuses on the power of real, emotionally-driven experiences that can be influenced by environment and interior space.

Our research focuses on human behaviour related to sensory experience. Collaborating with neuroscientists in each sensory field, we carefully source and combine materials and fragrances to imagine each interior.

We understand the way you want a space to make its users feel, and that you require longevity from your space design - so from tech companies that use colour and fragrance to create an atmosphere of calm focus to drive staff retention and wellbeing; through to hotels that need leisure spaces to encourage an experience of vitality, escape and energy, the way we plan and design space is wholly directed by the emotional outcome you require.
Our environment plays a formidable part in painting our future memories and experiences. The most powerful examples are when all five human senses are activated.
A wooden chair with a burnt orange fabric seat.


Colour is intrinsically linked to our psyche and plays a huge role in helping to define our mood. Orange, for example, is the most creative colour, sparking open-minded solutions to creative challenges. Overused, it can induce anxiety and hinder that creative process, so moderation and understanding of this powerful tool is key to creating meaningful spaces.
two bottles of incense oil.


Infusing our spaces with natural essential oils and perfumery is one subtle way that we activate the powerful olfactory system. Reigniting past experiences and creating new memories, scent is also used to define the mood of your space and its occupants, and to reflect creative concept and purpose.
A hand gently running through some feather grass.

Touch and Texture

We understand the emotional connection with texture and touch, and curate material choices to influence behaviours. The skin is a social organ; whether a meaningful conversation in a soft textured armchair over a warm drink, or an innate emotional connection with the feeling of leather and its likeness to human skin - our skin constantly sends signals to the brain.
different textured white fabric swatches laying folded on top of each other.


Sound has the power to affect our hormone production, breathing, heart rate and brainwaves. We harness the power of sound to create an ambience that plays into our design concepts - altering and driving the emotional state of the occupants.
Some green tea leaves, scattered across a table.


Closely linked to our sense of smell, our taste and flavour experiences can be altered depending on the full sensory experience happening around them. We examine nutritional opportunities in a Jolie space, and carefully curate the environment to enhance and compliment this.
A row of fabric swatches hanging on a rail


We make sustainable choices, putting our people and the planet first. We minimise our impact by designing with longevity in mind, sourcing responsible materials and promoting social health and happiness.
A row of fabric swatches hanging on a railSome green tea leaves, scattered across a table.different textured white fabric swatches laying folded on top of each other.A hand gently running through some feather grass. two bottles of incense oil.A wooden chair with a burnt orange fabric seat.

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