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We are a responsible, full-service interior design studio. We design offices, homes and commercial spaces to lift spirits, enrich lives and enhance performance, and we do this with the senses in mind.
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What a pleasure to work with such an enthusiastic team! Jolie Studio's passion and expertise has transformed what was initially a very simple idea - 3 modular buildings - into a sophisticated, welcoming and coherent space. From beginning to end, the team kept an open mind to the client's desire while maintaining focus on details and technical constraints. Their drive and positive energy was infectious to all parties involved throughout the project

Frederic Unger

Facility & Project Director
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The space helps us attract and retain staff as well as providing an environment for increased productivity between knowledge workers, so represents compelling ROI. We wanted more than a trend-driven design for our office spaces & team members. Jolie are an innovative, professional team and delivered a design for us that will stand the test of time. The office space is not just a talking point for us - it truly makes our team happy and more productive.

Matthew Scullion

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I was amazed by the transformation; Jolie have created a truly wonderful experience in a space that we could barely recognise. It was wonderful to just sit down and take it all in - listening to music you curated, taking in the fragrances you selected as part of the concept, and just admiring the beauty of the space itself - Jolie really exceeded our expectations

Andy Georgiou-Finch

Head of Sales
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