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We are a responsible, full-service interior design studio. We design offices, homes and commercial spaces to lift spirits, enrich lives and enhance performance, and we do this with the senses in mind.
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Our experience thus far has been exceptional and we are very pleased with the ideas and designs created. The element which intrigued us the most was during our first meeting where we were presented with various scents to amplify the feeling the different spaces would bring. Given our experience we were keen to get you involved with the refurbishment of our new shared working space in Birmingham.

Javed Sattar

Portfolio Manager
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We love Jolie Studio’s ability to create incredibly well-thought-out spaces with timeless appeal. Victoria Riverside is such an important project to FEC and sets the tone for our regeneration of the Red Bank neighbourhood. Working with an interior designer that can understand and support our ambitions and design spaces that appeal to a wide range of people will help contribute to the creation of a vibrant and mixed neighbourhood

Hilary Brett-Parr

Project Director
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Jolie Studio's attention to detail and their efficient creative thinking, has made them the perfect partner to help us in creating this amazing environment for our team and our talent


Founder, CEO
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