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Design Insider have brought our 60 Fountain Street project to centre stage and we've been talking through our unique, multisensory approach that's helping us redefine the standards of the modern workspace.
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Interior design studio JOLIE continue to lead the way with their unique multi-sensory approach to the modern workplace, exemplified in their meticulous redesign of 60 Fountain Street in the heart of Manchester’s city centre.

As the concept of the traditional workplace continues to evolve in the wake of the pandemic, Jolie is committed to developing contemporary workplace environments that place an emphasis on community and social sustainability by emphasising sensory zoning, colour theory and soundscaping to create dynamic and inviting social spaces.

At 60 Fountain Street, Jolie’s comprehensive redesign of the existing building combines comfort, style and a nod to residential aesthetics, while transcending traditional commercial design choices and materials. This ‘hotelization of the workplace’ is a signature of Jolie’s approach to workplace design, which caters predominantly to a Gen X and Gen Z demographic who value sustainability, wellbeing and a sense of belonging.

“Our design for 60 Fountain Street has created a space that provides a sense of importance, pride and exclusivity with a private members club feel,” explains Jolie founder & CEO Franky Rousell. “We sought a sense of elevation in our redesign, through access to private amenities and facilities, and a desire to create a space that others will want to emulate. We’re leading the pack, not following, and setting a precedent for developers to follow in workspace design.”

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written by
Jessica Gjini

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