Is it the end of the Office?

Business Cloud Round table

Being Covid-ready extends far beyond social distancing... Business Cloud’s Chris Maguire brought together a panel of techies, property experts, interior design specialists and businesses for a discussion around getting your office ready for a Covid world.
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The work space, and it's profound effect on teams and mental health is something that Jolie Studio have always been fascinated with.
Franky took part in this discussion, and shared some insight on the shift we are now seeing from our clients as a result of the pandemic. We discussed how these changes, and a new approach to flexible working can work in our favour financially and in terms of efficiency - and perhaps be the change the "office" landscape needed.

Getting more out of office space

Jolie Studio helps companies get more out of their workspace, to make the place we work help us function at our best.

Co-founder and Creative Director Franky Rousell explained people are talking a lot more about their mental health.

“The reason we started the business was because we knew there was much a massive demand for workspace that gave you a return on your investment,” she said.

“You spend so much time on fitting out your office and changing the environment it actually needs to do something. That change needs to be a psychological or behavioural. We are already starting to see that movement happening.”

Working from home has hindered some and boosted the productivity of others.

“There’s going to be a level of downsizing for a lot of businesses,” said Rousell.

“Condensing their office space makes a lot of sense. Human beings still need human contact. Reforming the office as more of a members’ club or HQ type space is the shift that we’re starting to see.

“Businesses need a shop window, somewhere physical for people to walk into and feel part of something.”

(Read the full article on Business Cloud here)

Matillion HQ by Jolie Studio

More recently, the Wall Street Journal echoed these thoughts in their recent article "Goodbye, Open Office. Hello, ‘Dynamic Workplace."

It's an interesting take on the more dynamic, more flexible use of space we are seeing, and we think it's an exciting shift.
Businesses are making spaces that work harder, feel better and that teams actually feel excited to work in. This isn't about trend led planning and design, it is driven by experience and meaning - which is exactly what we care about at Jolie Studio. We create timeless, sustainable spaces that make us feel good and ultimately work better.

Smart, forward thinking businesses are adapting to this new normal, recognising where creative, strategic shifts in their place and ways of working could really elevate the productivity and happiness of their staff.

If you would like to know more about how we can help your business to adapt, please drop us a line we would love to talk!

written by
Michelle Hill

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