The Hotelisation of the Workplace

Mixology Press Feature

Mixology shared our recently completed design for Clarence House in Manchester in this great piece on the Hotelisation of the Workplace.
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At Clarence House we embraced the shift in working concepts by incorporating elements reminiscent of a lifestyle hotel into the design for the revitalised Clarence House, located in the heart of Manchester‘s Albert Square conservation area. Traditional workplace design choices and materials are eschewed for the comfort and sophistication of hospitality and residential aesthetics, creating a boutique workplace within the 19th century building.

“Our goal was to make the office a destination with a purpose, embracing the ‘hotelisation’ of the office space by importing the comforts of home – such as relaxed dress codes, real planting, and soft furnishings – while maintaining a crisp, immaculate aesthetic,” says JOLIE CEO and Founder, Franky Rousell. “This trend reflects a broader evolution in how we at Jolie approach workplace design, and the recognition that employees thrive in environments that prioritise wellbeing, community, and a sense of belonging.”

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