'Sensory-Balanced' Design - the Heart of Everything We Do

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Inex recently featured JOLIE, and our unique approach commercial interior design. We are committed to creating community spaces with ‘sensory-balanced’ design at their heart - here Inex explore our collaboration with neuroscientists in each sensory field, and learn how we carefully source and combine materials and fragrances to craft each environment from the inside out.
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This signature approach to the design process helps ensure the longevity of their work, by creating socially sustainable and adaptable spaces that encourage interaction and connection, thus meeting the needs of their clients both now and into the future.

“For us, social sustainability comes down to the idea of building lasting communities that nourish people and the planet, and nurturing spaces that improve collaboration, connection, and wellbeing,” says Founder and CEO Franky Rousell. “When we design spaces such as Kitten we not only incorporate sustainable practices and elements, but take it a step further by influencing behaviours that promote a socially and environmentally sustainable future landscape. We want to lead with authenticity in our developments, weaving responsible choices into every decision, stage, and feature.”

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written by
Franky Rousell

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