JOLIE Manchester Studio: A Sensory Haven

Design Insider Press Feature

Design Insider published this piece on our beautiful Manchester studio transformation, where we applied our scientific approach to sensory design to create a haven within our workspace.
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International design studio Jolie, led by Design Insider Ambassador Franky Rousell, has expertly transformed their central Manchester workspace into a sensory-led haven. This remarkable redesign not only showcases the studio’s interior expertise but also underscores their unwavering commitment to ‘sensory-balanced’ design principles.

By applying their signature approach to their own workspace, Jolie has meticulously crafted each distinct area, prioritizing a thoughtful and scientifically-driven office redesign. The result is a socially sustainable and adaptable environment that fosters interaction and connection, addressing the present and future needs of their team.

A sensory approach to interior design combines materials, colours, fragrances and sounds to create immersive, multi-sensory experiences in every space, and is achieved by incorporating scientific sensory research to emotionally drive people in their environment.

“Colour is intrinsically linked to the psyche,” says Jolie CEO and Founder, Franky Rousell, “and plays a huge role in helping to define a person’s mood. Different hues and shades can make people feel creative, reduce anxiety, calm or motivate them. When used correctly and striking an optimal balance, colour has an incredible potential to influence how an end user feels and behaves in a space.”

Read the full article here.

written by
Jessica Gjini

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