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Our Interior Designer

Heather is one of our newest JOLIE recruits! Joining us as an Interior Designer, Heather will be working from our beautiful Manchester studio.
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How did you make the decision to work in design?

It was an accident… the best accident to happen to me! I was heading into a career route down the stock market and realised I found it to be pretty boring and was constantly reaching to do creative activities in my spare time.

After a pep talk from my former A-level art teacher who believed I was destined to work within the creative industry I decided to change my University degree to a Foundation in Object and Spatial Design and from there fell in love with creating interiors! Mainly because it has the power to affect the atmosphere and emotions felt within a space, which fascinated me. From then on, I wanted to create spaces that influenced people in a positive way and improved their overall wellbeing and happiness.

Tell us about your role at JOLIE?

I am one of the Interior Designers who assists with concept development through to developed design. This includes creating beautiful material boards for our projects to showcase the fabrication of the design in physical form, which is presented alongside our presentations. I love being creative everyday and being surrounded by such a talented bunch of people, it pushes you to keep developing as a Designer.

How does the JOLIE approach feel different from other studios you have worked with?

It’s all entirely focused on the customer! You design based on the emotions and atmosphere the client wants to feel in the space which creates not only an experience but a unique, timeless and thought provoking design that brings joy to the users. Every detail is considered, from the mix of colours to the scents, which we select with scientific backing for their ability to induce a certain mood. This is the reason I aspired to work for JOLIE since graduating as I believe design should be about creating spaces that evoke emotions and become an experience, rather than just a well decorated space.

If you hadn’t worked in ID, where do you think life would have taken you?

This is a tough question to answer! I've always had a fascination with set design, especially in fictional films where the concepts are so strong and innovative that they create a whole new world. I love it! I often imagine the surroundings when reading a book and find escapism in creating their world in my head. I'll wonder, "Is this how the author envisioned this world too?"

On the other hand, maybe I could have been a Vet. I love animals and always felt a need to help them. If I had a superpower, it would be to talk to animals!"

What is your favourite JOLIE memory?

In JOLIE studio there is endless creativity! With every project you flourish and really explore the unique possibilities of the space! For me, this is really special because I'm consistently developing and expressing my creativity in new ways.

Also the Bake off sweepstake we're doing as a team right now. A new bake every week is not something I will ever be upset about. I love cake!

Which JOLIE project did you most enjoy working on?

Gosh! Even though I'm new, I feel like I've worked on so many so far and loved them all! I think Victoria Riverside has been a dream to work on as it’s a local project and I'm excited to see it develop into reality over the coming years. We have a new (sort of secret project) which is a once in a lifetime kind of development which I can’t wait to dive into in the coming months.

What would be your idea of a dream project or client?

There are too many to choose from so here are just some of them; A beautiful theatre somewhere in Europe for the Ballet or Opera. I imagine a grand staircase as you enter a historic building with delicate stone features and wall mural ceilings. On the other hand, a Parisian apartment or restaurant; Or a 5 star hotel resort on a tropical island; Or an Italian hotel with a huge terrace overlooking Lake Como! The list is endless!

Where do you find your inspiration and what are your biggest design influences?

Travelling and Culture. I often find that when I travel to a new place and immerse myself in the culture of the country, I find so much inspiration, from the colours, textures, materiality, style and the atmosphere and how it makes me feel. I always think, "How could a slice of this be interpreted into any projects I work on?"

Can you think of a space that has had a profound experience on you as a result of the design?

La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona by Gaudi. I spent the whole day there! If you have been, you know you don't need to spend the whole day there but I just couldn't bring myself to leave! I found the atmosphere so grounding and calming. You could sit and collect your thoughts, almost like meditation but then on the other hand, climb the tower and look over the entirety of Barcelona. Gaudi’s vision is extraordinary! The sunlight bursting through the array of colours in the stained glass colours is beautiful alongside the architectural stone detailing. I could talk for hours about it and highly recommend it to everyone to visit.

What’s the best place for afterwork drinks or food, and why do you recommend it?

Edinburgh Castle in Ancoats during the Winter is such a cosy pub with candles on every table and very dark, dimmed lighting. You can’t beat a glass of red wine there.  During the summer, King Street outside one of the many tapas restaurants is such a good vibe and when it's sunny, you don’t feel like you’re in the middle of Manchester.

And finally, what advice would you give to anyone looking for a career in Interiors?

Don’t be afraid to push yourself and boundaries… that’s where the magic happens!

written by
Jessica Gjini

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