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Our Marketing Lead

We wanted to introduce you to Jess, our Marketing Lead who works from our London studio.
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How did you make the decision to work in design?

It was quite the journey to be honest! I’ve always been really creative and growing up in my family’s retail business gave me a real passion for business and retail from such a young age. After studying Fashion Technology at university, I got into Buying and then into Retail Management and Hospitality. I think because of my background, I was always presented with the challenging sites that needed redevelopment and it just became a bit of a thing for me- getting into places and developing team-centric strategies that could pave the way to success. In my previous role at a bespoke tiling retailer, I really connected with the marketing aspect of my role and loved talking to people about design. I realised that Interior Design was where I wanted to be and here we are!

Tell us more about your role at JOLIE?

My role is the first of it’s kind at JOLIE, which is really exciting! I manage all of the Business Development and Marketing; ensuring that we have a steady stream of business and that our brand, it’s values and creative vision is broadcast to the world in the best way possible. No day looks the same in this role which I absolutely love and I’m really excited to play a key role in our international expansion!

How does the JOLIE approach feel different from other studios you have worked with?

Coming from a retail and hospitality background, the environments could be quite unforgiving and extremely intense. I love that at JOLIE we are so busy but there’s just such a solid togetherness and trust across the entire team. We have an amazing group of people here who care deeply about the work we do and it creates such a positive and inspiring atmosphere. I really connect with our values on sustainability and the way we approach design in such an innovative way also.

If you hadn’t worked in Interior Design, where do you think life would have taken you?

This is a funny question for me because I’ve worked across a few different roles and industries so there’s a lot I’ve already covered. I love the arts and fashion, so I’ve had a role there. One of my biggest passions is food, so I got into hospitality…And now I feel it’s all come together in quite a perfect mix at JOLIE where I get to think about everything I love all together.

What is your favourite JOLIE memory so far?

I’m still quite new so there are many more adventures to come but I think for now, I’m loving getting to know everyone more and soaking up all of the daily inspiration that comes my way.

What are you most excited for in your role with JOLIE?

I’m really excited to connect with people in Hospitality and Retail and see projects in these sectors come to life. Both sectors have a special place in my heart as they’re where I started my career. It would be amazing to give back to these sectors by helping people create incredible spaces their teams and customers will love. Jolie has such an incredibly innovative approach to design so I think we have loads of exciting things to offer these industries! 

Tell us about a space that had a profound effect on you because of the design? 

I would say the Infinity Terrace at the Villa Cimbrone Gardens in Ravello, Italy. The way the landscaping and incredible balcony in the gardens just blends into rugged coastline and sea surrounding the villa is incredible. It’s a really special place. 

I had a similar experience at the Louisiana Museum in Denmark. Similarly, it’s perched above the sea and you’re immersed in nature throughout the building, which I love. 

What would be your dream project or client? 

For me it’s got to be a hospitality venue! I’d love to work with Massimo Bottura on Osteria Francescana or Casa Maria Luigia. I’m deeply passionate about Italy and its culinary traditions so it would be amazing to create something spectacular there.

What inspires you? Where do you find your inspiration and what are your biggest design influences?

I’m always exploring and seeking new inspiration, whether here in London or abroad. I have a really special connection with the Mediterranean and a huge amount of my inspiration comes from here whether it’s colours, architecture or food. Coming from Scotland originally, I grew up surrounded by nature that always really inspired me so that’s something I still look for today, wherever in the world I am.

What’s the best place for afterwork drinks or food, and why do you recommend it?

I’m going to big myself up here and say my dining table at home with my family. I really love cooking and challenging myself to cook different dishes so every day is a new chance to do this over dinner! Putting your all into a meal and sharing it with people you love is a really special feeling. 

When I do go out, I love Italian food! Campania & Jones, Pizza Pilgrims & Padella are some of my favourites in London. When I'm next up in our Manchester office, I'm desperate to try Onda Pasta Bar. That place looks incredible! 

Finally, what advice would you give to anyone looking for a career in Interiors?

I think with any industry, don’t be afraid to really chase after your goals, no matter the setbacks that you encounter along the way. Believe in yourself and continue to nourish yourself in your career path; gain as much experience as possible, challenge yourself, stay curious and keep learning. The route into something might not be straightforward, or easy, but lean into that challenge and inspire yourself and those around you to work through it together. 

I always say to people that as you move up in your career or have a team of your own, do your best to better your corner of the world, no matter how small or big. I think when you live by that manifesto, incredible things can happen! 

written by
Franky Rousell

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