Meet Shanon

Our Senior Interior Designer

We wanted to introduce you our amazing Senior Interior Designer Shanon, who works in our Manchester studio.
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How did you make the decision to work in design?

I can’t remember it ever being a decision to be honest. As far back as my nursery reports mention how I was interested in buildings and spaces. My Mam still likes to bring up how I used to pretend to need the toilet in new restaurants just so I had an excuse to be nosey around the space!

Tell us about your role at JOLIE? 

I am an Senior Interior Designer here at JOLIE. I carefully dissect briefs to understand the demographic and creative direction and mould the project to suit this. I take care of the clients' needs right through to specification and delivery.

How does the JOLIE approach feel different from other studios you have worked with?

How we approach design ensures longevity for a scheme and I respect this so much, it organically means we create sustainable projects that people will happily use for longer periods of time than trend driven designs. The justification in our design decisions that come from this really make me confident and proud of all the beautiful spaces we design.

If you hadn’t become an ID, where do you think life would have taken you?

So the one that you could say is on the same wavelength as interior design is set design. I have always been so interested in the design of temporary, immersive experiences from live music to catwalks and everything in between. 

The wild card would be something to do with diving. I have a scuba diving certification and in an alternate universe I’d have pursued this and been diving everyday whether this is as an instructor or a research diver, it’s something I find really peaceful.

What is your favourite JOLIE memory?

We all went to London last summer for the London Design Festival as a team, which really sticks out as a ‘core memory’ of my time at JOLIE to date. It was equally a trip that was inspiring and good fun to get to know everyone better. I was only a few months into JOLIE and that's when the penny dropped that I really clicked with the team and design approach!

Which JOLIE project did you most enjoy working on?

Straight after joining JOLIE I started working on 4AS: Wellness Suite. The project was right in the beginning of the process so I was able to really immerse myself in this brief and it’s ultimately the first time I designed a project ‘“the JOLIE way”. It’s currently out to tender and I can’t wait for our vision to be actualised.

What would be your idea of a dream project or client?

I actually have a note on my laptop of dream clients as a reminder of where I want to be (as cringe as that is)! A lot of them are female owned businesses where I am the consumer: TALA and REFY to name a couple. Designing retail experiences for these brands would be so interesting, they are both forward thinking with a sustainability in mind which aligns to JOLIE. More project focused I would love to design an OKU hotel and a hotel/spa in the Lake District, especially with this one being so close to my childhood home.

Where do you find your inspiration and what are your biggest design influences?

People. How people interact with and use spaces will always be my biggest influence, creating interiors that encourage and aid people is my main inspiration

What advice would you give to anyone looking for a career in Interiors?

That there is no such thing as a silly question when you’re still learning and whenever possible get out there to networking events to meet people. If I hadn’t done this early in my career I would have never got the connections to get this job at JOLIE.

Finally, seeing as we're in the Halloween spirit; what's your favourite thing about Autumn?

This is by far my favourite season! Scenic walks in the Lake District followed by cosy evenings of watching my favourite shows or listening to my favourite music are my thing completely! 

written by
Jessica Gjini

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