Meet Zac

Our Senior Architectural Technologist

We wanted to introduce you to Zac, our awesome Senior Architectural Technologist, who works from our Manchester studio.
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How did you make the decision to work in design?

I’ve always had a flavour for anything creative. However my decision to change from Architecture, which is more design led, to technology, came about in my first year. A student had produced an exploded geodesic dome, which defied gravity. I asked how do you plan to make that stand up? To which there reply was, don't know but looks good doesn’t it?

Tell us more about your role at JOLIE?

As a Senior Architectural Technologist, I lead all things past RIBA Stage 3. I liaise with external teams from RIBA 3 through to completion, whilst keeping my time available for any creative problem solving in the earlier stages of a project. I play a key role in milestone achievements such as the submission of design documents and successful deliveries through all external parties.

How does the JOLIE approach feel different from other studios you have worked with?

JOLIE combines freedom with hard work very well. All members of the team gel and the culture of growing professionally and personally is very evident.

If you hadn’t become an Architectural Technologist, where do you think life would have taken you?

I think I’d be in mountain rescue or working in a climbing wall place. I've always had a real interest in these.

Which JOLIE project did you most enjoy working on?

4 Angel Square was my first project where I really collaborated with the Interior Design team at stage 04. The organisation and timing was perfect, as was delivery. We had such amazing feedback on the project.

Tell us about a space that had a profound effect on you because of the design? 

It's got to be Maison Louis Carré by Alvar Aalto! 

What would be your dream project or client? 

A retail store for Axel Arigato would be really great. Or a Scottish hotel or B&B somewhere rural.

Finally, what advice would you give to anyone looking for a career in Interiors?

From an architectural stand point, I'd say try Architecture first, and discover where your passions lie. I’m glad I had a stage in Architecture to make me realise that interiors is where I want to be.

written by
Jessica Gjini

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