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Working from home is something we are all learning a lot about recently - and we talk to clients about the power of fragrance on our overall mood. It's not just about perfuming and "scent branding" - the way we use fragrance can change your experience and mood.
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This doesn't have to be complicated, or expensive, but there is some compelling science that suggests a real benefit to fragrancing your environment, to evoke certain feelings and support different daily challenges. Our sense of smell is the closest thing linked to our "memory bank" otherwise known as our olfactory system. We can use scent to both trigger nostalgia in moments that require reassurance and escapism, as well as using natural essential oils to alter our physical and emotional state.

We use a subtle combination of perfumes, as well as natural aromatherapy oils.

A perfume can be the first thing that hits you when you walk into a space, giving that first impression, and this is usually alcohol-based so it's can last a long time, meaning a little goes a long way.

Essential oils are not only fun to experiment with creating different blends, but also can have a powerful impact when vaporised into your space and inhaled, which is why it is so important to understand and research the correct blends and quantities to have a really positive impact on your wellbeing.

Everyone has their go-to way of using home scents from candles, to diffusers - we wanted to share our absolute favourites that keep us going through the highs and lows of the working day.

A simple way to use oils to fragrance a space is through diffusion or vaporising - these vaporisers just use water and a few drops of oil (so you can get creative and mix your own fragrance). They look good in most interiors, are low waste and much kinder on the budget than high end candles and reed diffusers. Another great benefit is that this method also reintroduces moisture into the air that the central heating can dry out. We love this affordable vaporiser from Amazon, but there are plenty of options out there by muji, neom and neals yard.

You can get hold of oils from many different online stores, but Neals yard do great blends, for a slump in motivation this vitality blend is a great way of giving you the pick me up you may need. With energising ginger (also great for supporting digestion), anxiety reducing Ravensara, balancing Cedarwood and stimulating black pepper, this blend is sure to boost your energy throughout your working day.

Neals Yard Optimism Blend

Zenology are a brand we have loved for a long time, as their fragrance sprays are so long lasting and do a great job of filling a space with such natural smelling aromas in just one spray. This Salvia Sclarea fragrance spray has notes of clary sage, which is great for reducing anxiety and combatting negative feelings, black pepper which is energising along with Sandalwood which is amazing for mental focus. And whats even better, all bottles are made from post-consumer-recycled plastic with bio additive, meaning your fragrancing can be guilt free with minimal impact on our planet.

Zenology Spray

For the moments that demand peace, reflection and creativity, step into warmer climates whilst enjoying this beautiful earl of east candle inspired by the historic gardens of Versailles. Reminiscent of the beautiful flowers and fruits of the gardens, including deep tuberose, blackberry leaf and uplifting bergamot, this is a little moment of escapism at your desk, bringing the outdoors in to lower your heart rate and allow more rational thoughts to come forward;

Jardin De La Lune Candle

When your mind is getting a little cluttered, clean your workspace and set up this eucalyptus reed diffuser from Rituals, inspired by the Hammam rituals in Marrakech, for the ultimate mind clarity moment. Eucalyptus is a great tool for alleviating stress by opening up the airways to assist with deeper breathing, helping to clear the mind from conflict and put you in a more restful state, allowing you focus on the task at hand. Rituals also do a sustainable refill option, so you don't have to throw away and start again each time;

Rituals 'Hammam' Incense

Step away from your desk for a 15 minute meditation, to restore balance in your workday, complimented by these Patchouli Sweetgrass incense sticks by P.F. Candle Co. A firm favourite in Jolie Studio, these little sticks pack a hippy punch of British summer festivals and freshly cut grass. Steeped in centuries of historical use, incense is still used to this day in places of worship to instil a sense of peace and relaxation. It is thought that the visual burning of incense assists with this relaxation, and what is even better is that it can ward off any nasty insects if you decide to take this one outside, which we highly recommend you do;

Patchouli Incense at P.F Candle Co.
written by
Franky Rousell

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