Benefits of CGI in interior design

The power of visualisation

We’ve heard musings that visualisation is a dying art. At Jolie Studio, we wholeheartedly disagree, as we’re firm believers in the power of CGI as an art form and a powerful interior design tool. Therefore, we thought we’d take this opportunity to explore our favourite rendering tool and delve into the many benefits of CGI for interior designers, for our clients and contractors.
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Why is CGI important for interior designers?

CGI is a working tool we embrace and love not just for its function. For Jolie Studio, CGI is a creative art form in itself We use Corona software to  bring designs to life. Through this photorealism, we can drill down into the delicate detail to showhow a particular concept will look, how a bespoke joinery piece will function, and we also aim to evoke the intended feeling and function of the design.

It’s become a vital tool  for us to present  our design work to clients accurately, which in turn helps projects run more smoothly and communicate ideas succinctly. - CGI is a crucial tool for us to accomplish this.

CGI for the Tea Room, Deansgate Square
Photography for the Tea Room, Deansgate Square

How do we use CGI in our interior design work?

We employ photo realistic visualisations  to create high-quality imagery for our clients, to help them to envisage design concepts in a realistic way, and also to recreate the mood and feeling we want to build within a space.

CGI enables our in-house designers and architects to sample fabrics and materials and incorporate these into the finished concept, so we have the opportunity to explore various options before settling on the ideal fit for the space.

We explore lighting, dressing and mood within our CGIs and take great pride in producing art-driven, lifestyle imagery. We try to ensure the images we produce in-house are evocative and really transport the viewer.

3D modelling software has progressed so dramatically in recent years that we can now use tools in a much more free, artistic and creative way. he end result is so realistic that our visuals  are regularly mistaken for lifestyle photography.

What are the benefits of CGI for interior design?

Below, we’ll detail a selection of the many benefits of using computer-generated images in interior design.

Clear communication

Without CGIs, communicating our vision to a client can be a difficult  process. Using this tool , we can bring a concept to life by showing you how we envisage your space in intricate detail, and this can really fast track sign-offs and approval processes.

In doing so, we can make sure we’re working together harmoniously and that we share the same vision for your space.


With computer-generated imagery, anything is possible. Harnessing the power of CGI to visualise your project, we can explore countless possibilities until we strike the perfect balance for your space, and this can also support pricing. Providing your contractors with clear 3D  joinery designs for example  can fast track their quoting.

Global collaboration

As interior designers, our services range from CGIs and design concepts through to placemaking strategy, and we work on projects all around the world.

Computer-generated images represent an accessible service we can offer to clients worldwide, as imagery can surpass a language barrier and communicate a look and feel without any words.

Delicate detail

Curating lighting, fabrics and dressing into 3D renderings enables us to present a meticulously detailed vision  to the client.his means no stone is left unturned, and they seek comfort and reassurance in our thorough approach to creating their perfect space, and these fine details are what create the feeling and mood within a Jolie space.

Smoother project delivery

CGIs can help ar project run more smoothly as they facilitate faster approval processes and minimise the margin for error. They also provide your contractor with a very clear vision for delivery.


High-end CGIs can be used throughout your project’s lifecycle, from planning, decision making, through to your marketing collateral and internal team buy-in.

We see the images we create for our clients as artwork, rather than simply a vehicle for design communication.

CGI for NQ House

How to achieve high-quality, art-directed CGIs for your commercial interior design project

We work with ambitious clients of all sizes to produce CGIs for their developments, offices or spaces. Whether you require CGIs as a standalone service to help with your marketing collateral, or you’re seeking CGIs as part of a complete interior design service , we’d love to find out more.

Jolie Studio has architectural visualisation artists in-house who work closely with ourinterior design team to create photorealistic CGIs to imagine e the perfect concept for your space.

To discuss your needs, contact our team on 0161 533 0366 or

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