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This is an interior that for us, was proof of concept.

We designed the space for our growing team, fully tapping into the multi-sensory approach we talk about with our clients we created an environment which is sustainable in both longevity and material selection, and it truly delivers.

Our Approach

After outgrowing our first studio, with 12 Hilton Street we had the opportunity to build a space that would promote creativity and collaboration within our team, but also stimulate conversation for our visiting clients and guests.

This needed to be an environment that speaks our language, with every sense considered.

We used soft, loose textures and tones throughout to allow the colourful fabric sample wall to be the hero of the space.

Lighting choices were calming - using coloured glass and natural textured fittings to diffuse the harsh direct light used all too often in commercial spaces.

Fragrances are varied from sandalwood and white tea, to uplifting bergamot - all using the natural hypoallergenic fragrancing applications we recommend to clients.

The Outcome

Our team is still growing, but we understand now first hand the impact of designing for our people.

Every space, every surface is used, we gather around the meeting room table for our daily catchup and interviews, whilst the huge sample table is our breakfast spot, also perfect for igniting new creating concepts.

There is no 'on trend' cliché, just beautifully considered, hard working space planning and interior design.

Guests and collaborators love the space - and we have heard "it feels better than home" more than once!

Our studio space was designed as a proof of concept, and we believe we have achieved what we set out to do - please do visit if you can we would love to show you in person.

I get the light scent of Jolie fragrance before I even walk through the door of our studio, and it immediately feels good. It’s a beautiful place to work and not just in an aesthetic sense. It’s the most comfortable, creative space I’ve worked in, the lighting is lovely and every detail (down to the most stylish whiteboards, and the personal lockers) is functional but well-considered - a truly Jolie space!


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