3,000+ Sqft
Manchester, UK

The Tea Room

Deansgate Square

Tucked away on the top floor of this high-profile residential development, sitting alongside a vast rooftop garden, is a haven of comfort and relaxation. Not only does this space play host to private dinner parties in the evening and home workers by day, but its atmosphere gently encourages story telling, and the sharing of experiences between two close friends or two unfamiliar residents.
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A light grey sofa in a lounge
A kitchen and dining room with the places set
A floor plan showing the room layout
A communal residents lounge with sofas and soft furnishings.
A collection of material swatches
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I was amazed by the transformation; Jolie have created a truly wonderful experience in a space that we could barely recognise. It was wonderful to just sit down and take it all in - listening to music you curated, taking in the fragrances you selected as part of the concept, and just admiring the beauty of the space itself — Jolie really exceeded our expectations

Andy Georgiou-Finch

Head of Sales, Renaker Build Ltd
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