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60 Spring Gardens


We are taking you on a journey, the celebration of one of nature's greatest gifts, the rain.

From the power of the familiar smell to the incredible light emerging from the storm, to finally revealing the calm and serenity it leaves behind.

"Petrichor" triggers our senses to anticipate the rain. We have translated this feeling into a truly unique design, servicing and inspiring office workers and visitors alike. Petrichor is the smell of rain either as it falls or in anticipation of it falling.

The word comes from the greek words 'petra' meaning stone and 'ichor' which in Greek mythology refers to the golden fluid that was said to flow through the veins of the gods and the immortals.

Release of the scent is most prominent when light to moderate rain falls on sandy or clay soils. During the heavy rain, the speed of the drops represses the creation of bubbles, stopping the release of aerosoles.

It is thought by some scientists that our reliance on rain in cultures throughout history may be the reason why so many people really enjoy the scent it brings.

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