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An environment to attract, inspire and retain the best of tech-talent. Matillion are a British based company with Silicon Valley aspirations (and investors) - no stranger to retention strategies. The client asked us to take their values into consideration and incorporate these into their office interior using a sensory, sustainable approach.

We avoided the clichéd interior that has come to be associated with tech companies, and celebrated the story of the business; putting the human requirements of the workforce at the forefront of this design.

Whilst technology and innovation are the core of this business - the workforce spend alot of time on their screens and need a space that allows them to work efficiently and feel at ease under high pressure. The tech industry is one of the fastest growing industries, and with that comes temptation and opportunity for existing and potential employees to shop the employer market; this space needed to retain and attract in equal measure.

Our Approach

Competitors opted for colourful, trend driven and playful schemes, but we focused on something much more sustainable and empowering. We applied sensory zoning the space, to trigger increased productivity, to stimulate relaxation and everything in between.

Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable....We sourced 80% of products from the UK to avoid long distance shipments, our suppliers use sustainable Flooring from Modulyss carries a CO2RE Carbon offset initiative reducing the CO2 used to manufacture and omit from the product, contributing towards tackling the rising challenge of global warming.

We used a range of recycled elements - ocean plastics woven into our textiles & recycled wood within the laminates used.

We also provided natural and sustainable interior fragrance applications using natural essential oils, ethically sourced and fairly traded, these are allergy resistant so even suitable for pregnant office workers or office pets.

Achievement of Business Objectives

The scheme had immediate impact - with interview applicants voicing how amazing it felt in the host space - which was curated to evoke a sense of excitement.

Matt Scullion, CEO of Matillion, stated that the interior environment had a direct impact on securing new recruits, increased staff satisfaction and improved mental wellbeing, as well as significantly increasing the percentage of staff retention.
Matillion grew from a £10.8 million revenue business to a £22million revenue business in 6 short months following the interior fit out, and have increased headcount by 85 people.

With innovation at the heart of their business, the space demonstrates how you can attract and inspire younger talent, without subscribing to a conventional cliche.

Our approach to interiors puts people first, here this provided our client with an office space that not only looks great, but feels great. As a company striving for a $1 billion valuation, we now hope to support them in achieving the same success with their Denver office in the USA.

The space helps us attract and retain staff as well as providing an environment for increased productivity between knowledge workers, so represents compelling ROI. We wanted more than a trend-driven design for our office spaces & team members. Jolie are an innovative, professional team and delivered a design for us that will stand the test of time. The office space is not just a talking point for us - it truly makes our team happy and more productive.

Matthew Scullion

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