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The Marketing Suite

Deansgate Square

The Tea Room will be open to the residents of Deansgate Square in early 2020, we created a capsule version of the experience in their Marketing Suite.

We based this entirely around the concept we created for the residents lounge within Deansgate Square but in this instance, a snapshot that would assist the Marketing Team to show potential investors the value and experience that lay in wait...

This is an environment that speaks to all, and was developed with all 5 of the human senses in mind.

The fragrance we selected permeates the space with the scent of white tea, and the colours and materials were chosen due to their peaceful, relaxing and calm qualities.

The 'Tea Room' scheme was inspired by a one line brief from our Client and CEO of Renaker, Daren Whitaker... "I just want a nice space to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea".

We took this concept and created a world inspired by the history, personality, association and cultural permutations of tea - a drink with a meaning that sits far deeper in our psyche that we realise.

The space breathes comfort, reassurance, peace, relaxation.

I was amazed by the transformation; Jolie have created a truly wonderful experience in a space that we could barely recognise. It was wonderful to just sit down and take it all in - listening to music you curated, taking in the fragrances you selected as part of the concept, and just admiring the beauty of the space itself — Jolie really exceeded our expectations

Andrew Georgiou- Finch

Head of Sales, Renaker Build
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