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Manchester, UK.
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Deansgate Square

Deansgate Square aims to create a new district extending to the City Centre; the objective was to make this a strong community with a premium edge.

The amenities on offer to the residents is a key USP for this development, and it was vital that the residents felt they were part of a high quality, luxury experience.

The target customers are young professionals, aged between 25-35, typically working in the City Centre but it's import to note that this is a development for all, and diversity is always at the forefront of Renaker's developments.

With sophistication at its heart, Deansgate Square strives to be a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the City; but celebrates the exciting and prosperous
nature of living in an urban metropolis.

What stood out to us was Jolie's unique approach to interiors, we were challenged to think outside of the box and to think about the emotional & sensory impact of these spaces. We got the wow factor that we wanted; but with a design that feels meaningful, innovative and timeless. Jolie is the interior studio for developers who want their spaces to not only look good, but feel amazing.

Daren Whitaker

Managing Director, Renaker Build.
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